BURLY Gift Box

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BURLY Gift Box

That special someone could use a BURLY gift box. They know who they are.

‘Tis the season for the BURLY Gift Box! This gift will definitely be a first for anyone considering this is our first Christmas since we opened. Our BURLY Gift Boxes come complete with a brand new 64 ounce glass growler and any two pieces of glassware from our collection of your choosing: tulip, shaker, nonic, snifter, etc. Even more exciting about this gift is that it includes a free growler fill. Your special someone can fill it with ANY beer on our taps!

Have your special someone come in after Christmas to take us up on the tasty offer. You, too, could benefit from this. Someone’s gonna have to help drink all of that beer.

Beyond this splendid gift box, we have all kinds of other BURLY merch for the true enthusiast. Our BURLY Camp Fire mugs have been moving out the door at a pretty fast clip since their arrival. (We had to place a re-order on these literally two days after noticing how fast they moved.) Our shirt collection has also been graced with some new arrivals for men and women and like always, we only print on the best shirts available.

Need a lid? We have plenty of hats in stock from beanies to ball caps.

While you’re here, feel free to talk to our beertenders about any other items that you don’t have checked off your list. Perhaps it’s a crowler that fits nice and snug in a stocking.