BURLY Merch Online


That’s right! We now have a select few items available for sale on our website.

BURLY Merch online is now a thing! We’ve heard a great deal of hooting and hollering from people in other states begging for a better way to get our gear than hopping on a plane or enduring a long, long road trip. Now, you can order some BURLY merch from your phone, computer, tv – pretty much any device with an internet connection. We have more items coming to the merch page in the coming weeks. It’s important that make certain that we can get things like glassware and growlers to you without breakage occurring. Until you set up one of these stores for yourself, let us tell you, this is quite the undertaking. From customizing code to dealing with so many package types for the many products we plan to offer, plenty of beer was needed to get us through it all. But hey, we’d do anything for our biggest fans!

In the taproom, we carry of plenty of BURLY merch that more than likely won’t be available on our website. That’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with having a reason to visit the brewery and have a beer with us.

Our partners over at Crafted Tees & Hats have been splendid to work with bringing all kinds of products to us that we are afforded the finest of honors of sorting through and pouring over to find the next hit with our customers. It seems to be working quite well if you wanna give ’em a shout!