Coats for Colorado

coats for colorado

Coats for Colorado

BURLY Brewing is a proud partner in this effort with 9News Denver and Dependable Cleaners

Donate your coats = Get 20% off a BURLY hoodie!!!

We take great pride in our efforts to help the community we live and work in here in Colorado. That’s precisely why we partnered with 9News Denver and Dependable Cleaners for Coats for Colorado in an effort to keep Coloradoans warm this winter. Winter is certainly upon us and there are some of us out there that don’t have a warm coat to brave the harsh cold.

Starting today (October 20th) through November 30th, we’ll be collecting coats for the needy via the Coats for Colorado campaign at our brewery. BURLY Brewing is THE place to donate a gently used coat because you get a great deal on a hoodie. Think about it, though: You donate a coat, get a deal on an awesome hoodie then you sit have a beer or two. Not a bad outing, huh?

There are plenty of people here in Colorado that are in need this winter. Dependable Cleaners knows this and has put their best foot forward to collect as many as 70,000 coats for citizens of our great state. BURLY Brewing will be a designated drop-off location for all new or gently used coats. Steven Toltz, president of Dependable Cleaners had this to say in regards to the needs:

“When there is a child or adult without a warm winter coat there is an opportunity to give new life to a coat that you no longer need,”. Well put, Mr Toltz!

Please, we implore all of Castle Rock: lets pull together some coats and do some good for Colorado!