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Gift Cards Online

Now you can purchase BURLY gift cards on our website

Gift cards can now be purchased on our very own website! That’s right! Anyone, anywhere in the world can now purchase BURLY gift cards from the comfort of their own comfy confines and have it shipped right to the person that needs free craft beer.

Often times, we get people in our brewery from out of town because they’re visiting friends or family here in Castle Rock. They sit and chat and talk about life back home or that which is on the horizon in their lives and while doing so, they’re knocking back some stellar craft beer (#BurlyStyle). Once their time is up here in our beautiful town of Castle Rock, they’ll go back to wherever they reside leaving behind good memories of their trip and more than likely some personal effects (in which you will be shipping back to them.) Once they get back home, wherever home is, they remember their time at BURLY and what a great time it was. When that birthday or special event comes up for the friend or family member they were visiting here in Colorado, they’ll now have the perfect gift in mind: A BURLY gift card.

They’re simple to purchase and can be done right here on our website. We load however much money you want to put on the card and ship it off to your friend here in Colorado. It’s ready to use as soon as it lands in the mail box. Buying spectacular craft beer with someone else’s money has never been so easy. Just click on the button at the top of the window and get on it!