Live Trivia with Geeks Who Drink

live trivia

Live Trivia with Geeks Who Drink

Craft beer and live trivia every Tuesday at BURLY Brewing Co.

Live trivia and craft beer go hand-in-hand kinda like peanut butter and jelly. Or, better yet, beer and pretzels. (Not to take anything away from beer and pretzels because that’s a beloved staple in any beer lover’s life.) Geeks Who Drink will be conducting our live trivia sessions every Tuesday (starting January 15th, 2019 from 7pm-9pm) and if you’ve ever been a part of one of their trivia games, you know that it’s gonna be a hoot. If you haven’t ever been a part of one of their events, you’re in for quite a treat!

Get to training that big brain of yours. (We hear there’s an app for that.) Straight from the horse’s mouth, Geeks Who Drink operates much differently than some of the trivia sessions you’ve seen at other bars. Per their website, ” Our quiz burns through nearly 70 multimedia questions in two exciting hours. The quizmaster gets to know the players, and smack talk flying around in all directions is pretty much par for the course.”

Winners will be rewarded with gift cards, beer, crowlers and maybe even some BURLY swag. Those who don’t win (also known as “losers”) can expect to at least have had a good time. Ya might even get a handshake for your efforts! All in all, though, consider it a privilege to consume great craft beer and having fun while doing so. Who knows –  you might even make some new friends.