Saturday, April 6th - All Day

thumb wrestling

Let’s Get Ready to THUUUUUUUUMBLE!!!

Our first annual Thumblemania is upon us and it is going to be a thumb wrestling tournament like no other! Come one, come all and we hope you carbed up and got your good thumb in working, wrestling shape.

BURLY has not only made this event accessible to those over 21, but also those under 21. For those of you under 21, you will compete for a $25 VISA gift card. The winner of the adult contests will be honored with a custom BURLY championship belt marking their grand accomplishment for years to come. This belt will be displayed at BURLY Brewing Co with the winner’s name proudly displayed on it.

There will be three different times to wrestle for everyone.

Sign up below and please, get creative with your wrestling name if you can. This is a thumb wrestling tournament at a brewery!


When competing in a Thumb Wrestling contest players hook the four fingers of their right (or left) hands together such that both hands are clasped tightly.

Then a short pre-contest starting chant is repeated: One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb-a-war! Then the 60 second contest begins.

To win a contest 1 player must pin their opponents thumb down for as long as it takes to say: one, two, three, four, I win thumb-o-war!

If the referee agrees that this has been achieved then that player is the winner.

If this cannot be achieved within 2 separate 60 second rounds then the tie will be settled with a game of sudden death “rock, paper, scissors”

If one combatant is left handed and one is right handed, the combatants will engage first in a battle of right hands, then in a battle of left hands. If each contestant wins one of the first two battles, a coin toss will determine which hand will fight the third and final battle. 


* Elbows must be on surface at all times
* Please keep fingernails to a short length
* Thumb decoration is encouraged [although nothing that is deemed performance enhancing will be permitted]


There will be two different competitions. One for adults and one for those younger than 21. The under 21 winner will receive a VISA gift card. The winner of the adult bracket will receive a custom BURLY wrestling belt.

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