Ugly Sweater Party

ugly sweater party

Ugly Sweater Party

BURLY Brewing’s Ugly Sweater Party Complete with BURLY Beer, Music and Prizes

We are excited to announce a very BURLY Ugly Sweater Party complete with, yes, ugly sweaters and the BURLIEST of craft beer. The beer will be cold and the weather might be, too, so make certain that your ugly sweater game is up to snuff for this event. 
There will be prizes for the ugliest of sweaters, a food truck and the best of holiday music this side of the North Pole!

These parties are always a ton of fun. I mean, there’s craft beer, good people, great music and conversations to be had all night. The biggest topic of conversation tends to revolve around how one might have procured such a fantastically ugly sweater. Some of you make them at home. Some of you get them from the thrift store and some of you get them from online retailers that specialize in distributing these highly sought after articles of clothing that are only worn once a year.

The key here is to not wait until the week before the party to score your sweater. They’ll all be gone and then you’re forced to go to Dillard’s and pay for a sweater that you definitely think is ugly but they intend on selling it as an actual serious sweater. Don’t get caught in this situation.

There are plenty of online retailers out there that supply some pretty damn good ugly sweaters. even lets you customize your own!

ugly sweater

We hope you score a great sweater and get to our party. It won’t be the same with out you!