Warning Sign

Warning Sign

Warning Sign Eisbock, The Earth Saving Beer, is one of Colorado’s earliest, if not first, Collaboration Beers.

As the feature beer of the Craft Lager Festival in Manitou Springs, Warning Sign saved the Earth by generating funds for Colorado Open Spaces.
First conceived by Jason Yester, it was homebrewed in a garage. Inspiration for naming the brew came from a Talking Heads song playing in the background. The first commercial batch was brewed by Alan Stiles and Yester at The Warehouse in Colorado Springs.
After that first brew, the beer traveled around the state and was “Team Brewed” at a variety of host breweries, and always had a Team of other breweries pitching in to help with ingredients and labor.

Stylistically, Warning Sign is a German-Style Eisbock. It is in the family of Bock and Doppelbock originating in the town of Einbeck, Germany. These beers are characterized by malty flavors, medium to full mouthfeel, and assertively alcoholic, 6-7% for Bock, 7-10% for Doppelbock, and 9-14% for Eisbock. All are lagers and are thus low in esters and phenols. Fine examples are smooth, rich in malt flavors, and have a warming alcohol finish.
Warning Sign received the Silver Medal from the Great American Beer Festival in 2007, Silver Award from the World Beer Cup in 2016, and Gold Medal from the Great American Beer Festival in 2016.

Participating breweries include:

1999 – The Warehouse

2004 – Palmer Lake Brewing

2005 – Bristol Brewing

2006 – Ska Brewing

2007 – Rockyard Brewing

2008 – CB & Potts

2009 – Trinity Brewing

2010 – McClellan’s Brewery

2011 – Rock Bottom (S. Denver)

2013 – Elevation Beer

2016 – Rockyard Brewing

2018 – BURLY Brewing